5 Reasons Online Learning is Right for You

Time is our most precious commodity and knowledge is power. Are you short on time and want to continue your learning? Choose from a variety of topics ranging from Evaluation and Budgeting to Tool Selection and Social Media as a Tool! You will walk away from these short training modules with real working skills that you can immediately apply to your public participation projects! Not quite sure yet? Here are 5 great reasons you should take advantage of IAP2 USA’s online learning opportunities:

  1. Flexibility – Streamline your learning with our topic specific short courses. Each course has LIVE sessions where you meet with the trainer REAL TIME! If you can’t make it to your live session don’t worry, all sessions are recorded so you can view it in your own time!
  2. Network while you learn! – All of our courses are highly interactive. Not only will you use real life situations to explore relevant tools and techniques, but you will also connect with professionals who are passionate about quality p2 just like you!
  3. Protection from the elements – What? There is no such thing a dumb question. We were all beginners once and there are techniques specific to your niche. Learn from the best, in a safe environment without pushback from the naysayers.
  4. Increase your professional profile – It is no secret that this world is a fast paced one where we often may experience a wee bit o’ whiplash when the next operating system, new phone, or cloud based interface is integrated into our professional life (sometimes not by choice). Lifelong learning is now viewed as an essential skill in the workforce. Stay ahead of the curve, learn new about new tools and techniques emerging around the world to apply in your neighborhood.
  5. Affordability – Where do you find learning opportunities for less than $200 USD where you actually walk away with real skills you can apply when you get back to your daily grind? IAP2 USA! Members can enjoy online training for as little as $99 USD.

We hope to see you come to our online classroom! Learn more about our online learning opportunities today!


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