Meet your 2018-2020 Board Candidates

Members, we have some incredible candidates for you to choose from and we hope that you will take the time to get to know them a little bit better before you vote. The following is a quick snapshot of the 2018-2020 Board candidates – please click on their information links to learn more. Deadline for member voting is Monday, December 4th via Election Buddy.

We want to apologize for any confusion with the Election Buddy invitation you received yesterday– unfortunately, this was sent out with a draft ballot. We have now closed the Wednesday election process – none of those votes will count. Today we sent you a new invite. Please use the new ballot to vote for your preferred candidates. If you have any further questions please contact Anneliese at

Meet your board candidates…

Myles Alexander
Rhinelander, WI

Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator, University of Wisconsin Extension – Oneida County

I still dream of a United States where public deliberation is common, positive and productive. A motivation of all my work is to give people opportunities to practice public deliberation and grow their skills. Participation in public decision making is a special type of public deliberation. IAP2 USA is the only organization outside electoral politics I found that advocates for public participation in public decision making.

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Traci Ethridge
Charlotte, NC

Deputy Director, Charlotte Communications & Marketing, City of Charlotte

IAP2 USA has a unique opportunity to capture a new audience, especially in local government. The role that local government plays in engaging with residents has drastically evolved over the years and I believe that cities are ready to step up to the challenge. I am excited about the possibilities for IAP2 USA to provide resources to cities and help foster more partnerships. Working in local government for over a decade, I believe that I can be instrumental in helping to bridge the gap between IAP2 USA and local government.

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Lauren D Garrott
Lenexa, KS

Project Manager, Shockey Consulting Services

I believe IAP2 can help bring civil discourse back to this country. At a time that is so politically charged we need an organization we can rely on that trains professionals the values of a good public practitioner. Although we live in grim times, once we put our differences aside we can get to the common values that help us solve problems and make decisions. IAP2 is crucial because it is a neutral non-partisan organization that prepares public practitioners with skills they need to be innovative and successfully engage the public.

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Gwen Happ
Castle Rock, CO

Issues, Collaboration and Engagement Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

I would like to see IAP2 grow to be one of the most influential and impressive organizations of our time. Relationship building is the cornerstone of every great corporation and political interaction. IAP2 embodies “all things” relationship, connection, and understanding. I want to be one of the ambassadors in the state and country representing IAP2 as organizations turn to us when they have questions or need professionals to help them through difficult planning and/or community processes requiring outreach and relationship building. We’ve come very far and yet we still have so many more places to reach and promote our organization while activating strong member participation.

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John Poynton
Longmont, CO

Organizational Consulting, BrandED Consultants Group

Public Participation is steadily becoming an expected norm in community problem-solving and decision-making across the United States. IAP2 USA is uniquely positioned to advance the quality and integrity of P2 practices. As a largely volunteer organization, we’ve made incredible progress as our nation’s most trusted source of P2 expertise and training curricula.
Looking to the future, I’ll continue to advocate for a stronger, better-funded affiliate that can assume a lead role in organizing trainings for IAP2’s signature curricula (and retaining a larger portion of training revenue).

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