Raise Your Hand for Good P2 – introducing the IAP2 USA Ambassador Program!

By: Stacee Adams, Ambassador Program Coordinator

Stacee AdamsA few years ago, a colleague and I presented about public participation to a group of public sector communication professionals. To kick things off, we referenced IAP2 Core Value One, “public participation is based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process” and asked how many attendees agreed that the public does indeed have this right. Five people raised their hands. Out of 60. The good news is that if I asked the question now I know I would see more hands. Public participation is becoming a greater priority for government agencies. Those of us who have been doing this work for a while know P2 doesn’t mean the same thing to every agency and good P2 can be subjective depending on who you ask. As participation becomes an ingrained part of decision-making practitioners and IAP2 members have a tremendous opportunity to educate about and advocate for good P2 practices that result in meaningful engagement in the public sector.
IAP2 USA is harnessing the momentum of this change by formalizing P2 promotion under the banner of a new Ambassador Program. We are recruiting for unabashed and outspoken proponents of good P2 that hail from anywhere in the U.S. we invite you to join us in spreading the word and creating more meaningful P2 opportunities. If you are an evangelist for good public participation and are interested in leveraging your talents as an Ambassador to improve P2 in your community please join us June 20, from 12:30-1:30 Pacific for an introductory webinar to the program.
Ambassadors will be supported by IAP2 staff who will provide them with resources, information, quarterly support phone calls, and professional development. The webinar will run through the background, requirements, and benefits of being an Ambassador and end with a question and answer period. To RSVP please visit the event listing on our calendar. Please email Stacee Adams (stacee@somers-jaramillo.com) with questions about the program or the webinar.
Information about the Ambassador Program can be found online at https://iap2usa.org/ambassador_program/.

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