NAEP Webinar: Exceptional Public Involvement in the Era of Streamlining

 Wednesday, August 29th | 3:00-4:30pm (EST)

With increased pressure to streamline the NEPA process through various Executive Orders, Secretarial Orders, and Rulemaking efforts, public involvement has become a key topic in this national conversation.   As part of this webinar, panelists will share their perspectives on public involvement in this changing policy environment.  Speakers will discuss ways in which the public involvement process can be reimagined for project success.  Specific tips and tools will be shared with participants regarding how the public involvement process can help further the goals of streamlining.  Methods to expand and enhance the use of online engagement will be highlighted.  In addition, panelists will discuss innovative ideas regarding NEPA documents themselves as one of the primary public involvement instruments.  Please join us for this important topic!


  • Shannon Stewart, NAEP Board Member


  • Steve Wolf, MCP3, IAP2 USA Board Director
  • Janet Guinn, SWCA Environmental Consultants
  • Ray Outlaw, Enviroissues
  • David Mattern, Parametrix

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