Webinar Rewind – Public Transportation and Public Participation

In Minnesota, a new transit route was being planned, running through the suburbs north and north-east of Minneapolis — involving many lower-income communities and communities of colour. It was discovered quickly that equity was a major issue that had to be addressed. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, TransLink — the regional transportation authority — set out to revise its fare structure, which hadn’t been updated in over 30 years. Over a two-year process, TransLink brought together people from all over the region to discuss, learn and have input on the complexities in developing the fare system. And in Atlanta, where funding at MARTA — the regional transit authority — leaves little for customer service considerations, a group of customers banded together and went from being activists to being actionists, and thus was born the MARTA Army. IAP2 USA members can watch the video of this webinar here.

September 28, 2018   Posted in Webinars

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