President’s Message: Leah Jaramillo

Leah Jaramillo, CP3

Ten years ago, I became an IAP2 member, like many of you, after completing Foundations training. As I reflect back on the end of my third year as President, which is my sixth and final year on the IAP2 USA Board of Directors, it is safe to say that many things have changed in the past decade.

IAP2 has certainly changed and I am proud to have had the privilege of working with so many of you to help it blossom. Since I joined the board, our membership has more than tripled, three new chapters have formed and several more are on their way. New programs including the Skills Symposium, National Dialogue, online trainings, the Ambassador Program and the Taster Series have all gained traction and are providing new ways to connect IAP2 members and colleagues. I’ve been proud to work with IAP2 leaders across the country and internationally to assist in taking these ideas from concepts to real opportunities for individual and organizational growth. Of course, the majority of this work has been done by our amazing IAP2 USA volunteers and staff, who deserve many thanks for their dedication and hard work.

In retrospect, I can say that, as an organization, we’ve grown more than I expected and are providing more offerings than I thought possible with a primarily volunteer base. This is perhaps even more noteworthy given that the current political climate in the US has not done much to support opportunities for public participation, engagement and civility. In these uncertain times, dialogue and engagement strike me as evermore critical. And so, it becomes that much more important that IAP2 USA and all our members – practitioners and process owners alike – help facilitate good P2, good process and get engaged in issues that matter.

I hope that you will all consider getting involved in the programs IAP2 USA has to offer and continue to pursue the greater good: good decisions made together in the US!

It has truly been inspiring to connect with practitioners around the world to learn from their best practices and also to channel our passion for the practice into action for the organization. Perhaps best of all has been the opportunity to build new friendships and mentorships with my peers. With that said, I am extremely pleased to welcome three new and two returning members to the IAP2 USA Board and can’t wait to see what the next decade brings for the organization.  Thank you for the continued experiences, opportunities and growth this leadership position has offered me.

It was my pleasure to serve.


February 3, 2019   Posted in Board

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