Stacee AdamsAt the February IAP2 USA Board Meeting not only did we get a new slate of officers and board members, but we also got confirmation that the Board of Directors is pleased with the work of the 2018 Ambassador Program pilot and wants to continue it through 2019.

The Ambassador Program accomplished great things in 2018, including sharing information and materials to promote what good P2 is and what it looks like; building strategic alliances with allied organizations such as local chapters of the American Planning Association, professional organizations, and universities; and, building institutional support for good P2 by presenting to local governments, reinstituting the IAP2 Mentorship program, and continuing to grow local IAP2 chapters. To further support the work of the Ambassadors, the Board has dedicated one of its own members, Jay Vincent, to serve as the program lead with support of IAP2 staff. The Board is also looking at ways to provide more resources to the program.

Speaking of resources, the Ambassador Program also provides resources to IAP2 members who want to promote good P2. The branded Spectrum of Participation postcard and Core Values brochure both emphasize the values IAP2 USA strives to deliver to our members every day: showcasing tools and techniques, skill building, a community of members, and advocacy.

These materials are available to download anytime at https://iap2usa.org/ambassador_program.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2019 program.

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