25 IAP2 CP3s and MCP3s in North America. YEAH!

Certification Program Reaches Milestone!

25 IAP2 members across North America have now achieved this internationally-recognized credential!

CONGRATULATIONS to the latest group of Certified Public Participation Professionals (CP3):

Left-to-right: Trevor Joyal (Calgary), Kirsty Neill (Calgary), Gay Robinson (Calgary), Megan Fitzgerald (Vancouver), Sarah Dechter (Flagstaff AZ), Lara Tierney (Calgary)

Left-to-right:Trevor Joyal (Calgary), Kirsty Neill (Calgary), Gay Robinson (Calgary), Megan Fitzgerald (Vancouver), Sarah Dechter (Flagstaff, AZ), Lara Tierney (Calgary)

Why should you apply for a CP3? Here’s what others have said:

… to demonstrate my capability in the public engagement field, assist in the growth of the engagement branch of my company … I have been involved in public and Indigenous engagement for nearly a decade and this is the next logical step for my career.

A career in P2 is an incredibly rewarding source of joy and opportunity for life-long learning – about our communities, about people, about ourselves … my passion lies in helping organizations have conversations with people about changes that are taking place in their city. It may sound cheesy, but it’s all I want to do, every day.

(I) love … working with people (and using) my organizational skills to tactfully navigate complex systems while giving a voice to those who aren’t always heard. I feel like now is the time to seek formal recognition for the last 10+ years of dedication I’ve shown to advancing the practice of P2 through my volunteer and professional work.

If those statements resonate with your own career, find out more about the IAP2 USA Certification process.

Read the Information Kit, and get to work on your application!

The designation “Certified Public Participation Professional” (CP3) indicates that you meet or exceed an internationally-recognized set of standards as a P2 practitioner. It means you possess the Core Competencies and have an established “track record” in the field. (It is not the same as receiving a “Certificate of Completion” in the IAP2 Foundations course.)

Come and be apart of the Next 25!

Kim Hyshka
Kim Hyshka, CP3 – Edmonton, AB
Jessica Delaney, CP3
Jessica Delaney, CP3 – British Columbia
Tannis Topolinsky
Tannis Topolinsky, CP3 – Edmonton, AB
Jessica Bratty
Jessica Bratty, CP3 – North Vancouver
Shawn Bravender
Shawn Bravender, CP3 – Edmonton, AB
Tracy Ehl
Tracy Ehl, MCP3 – Oakville, ON
Natalie Henault
Natalie Henault, CP3 – Winnipeg, MB
Amanda Kaiser
Amanda Kaiser, CP3 – Calgary, AB
Anne Harding
Anne Harding, CP3 – Calgary, AB
Yvonne Morrison
Yvonne Morrison, CP3 – Winnipeg, MB
Theresa Gunn
Theresa Gunn, MCP3 – Phoenix, AZ
Doug Sarno
Doug Sarno, MCP3 – Washington, D.C.
John Godec
John Godec, MCP3 – Phoenix, AZ
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf, MCP3 – Omaha, NE
Leah Jaramillo
Leah Jaramillo, CP3 – Salt Lake City, UT
Wendy Lowe
Wendy Lowe, CP3 – Idaho Falls, ID
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith, CP3 – San Diego, CA
Cassandra Hemphill
Cassandra Hemphill, CP3 – Missoula, MT
Tina Geiselbrecht
Tina Geiselbrecht, CP3 – Austin, TX


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