New Faces at IAP2 USA: Introducing Gail & Erin

It was just two months ago in a downtown Denver conference room when we met the finalists for the Executive Manager position. Out of 72 applicants, the choice came down to two fantastic candidates. Meeting them in person made us not want to make that choice. It made us want to make a different choice—the choice to hire them both. So we asked for their patience, worked through the numbers, and discovered and decided, it was time. Not only could we acknowledge there was too much for one manager to do, but it was time to specialize the Executive Manager role and create a new one as well.

So it is with great happiness, we are able to introduce you to our new Executive Manager (Gail) and to our new Strategic Development Manager (Erin). It’s due to years of steadily moving and growing into this era, that we have arrived and now, they have arrived to join us. We look forward to you meeting them through our events, services and member engagement opportunities. For now, please say hello to Gail and Erin.

Gail Madziar, Executive Manager

Gail Madziar comes to us from Lansing, Michigan. Since 2013, she has been the Executive Manager for the Michigan Library Association she managed the Board of Directors and advocated for 1500 public, academic and speciality libraries and library professionals. When we met Gail, it was clear that she was clear — a clear communicator, a clear advisor, and a clear fit with the position. She has advocated for legislation, increased funding, led strategic planning, grew partnerships, increased member involvement and communications, and oversaw the association’s delivery of services and programs. Before the MLA, she worked in two other professional associations, the Michigan Bankers Association and the Michigan Association of Realtors. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Michigan State University. Gail will report to the President of IAP2 USA and be actively engaged with the Board, oversee all our initiatives, and manage our contract-staff team. A few of her first areas of focus are: updating our volunteer engagement program, continuing our coordination associated with the governance transition with IAP2 International, collaborating with other regions such as Canada where our interests overlap to be efficient with resources, and leading next year’s update to the organization’s strategic plan.

Erin Zimmermann, Strategic Development Manager

Erin Zimmermann comes to us from Fort Collins, Colorado. Throughout her career, she’s been a wordsmith and in the past ten years she has focused on civic engagement via non-profit organizations and local government. She brings 10 years of experience with the United Way of Larimer County including her role as Education/Community Impact Director and Corporate Volunteer Programs Coordination. When we met Erin, she had studied up on us: our members, our partners, our history, our opportunity. Once on-board, she joined us for our conference and it was clear that learning was a passion. She attended sessions, took copious notes, participated and shared. By the weekend’s Board meeting, she was providing insights and perspective for how to organize the opportunities that we’re creating and the ones that are knocking on our door. Now, she’s supporting our new initiatives to grow IAP2 USA’s services, presence and impact across the country. Her services are focused on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as on supporting our established Ambassador Program, emerging Strategic Partnerships, and diversification of revenue sources so we can meet more member needs and deliver more services. To start, she’ll work directly with the Communications Committee, Revenue Task Force and Training and Professional Development Committee.

This is a fantastic time and two necessary parts of managing the organization. Gail will keep the organization stable as it grows and Erin will ensure that growth strategically happens. Please drop them a note and say hello.

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