Training in Transition

As of January 1, 2020, responsibility for IAP2 training will transfer from the Federation to the individual affiliates. It’s part of a revision of the relationship between the worldwide body and the affiliates, with the Federation now known as “International” (yes, the International Association for Public Participation, International) and the affiliates becoming “Regions”. The regions — such as USA. Canada, Australasia, etc. — will be responsible for licensing, administering and in some cases hosting training. 

In a nutshell, what it means for trainers is:

  • Trainers will sign licensing agreements with individual regions (a separate agreement for each region in which they conduct training; if the trainer is to work in a country not covered by a particular region, he or she will sign an agreement with International)
  • IAP2 USA has a goal to host two Foundations courses each year – one public and one in-house – as well as the Foundations course taught at the Skills Symposium.
  • These “hosted” trainings will allow for the possibility to offer training at a reduced rate for those in financial need.
  • Regions will have more incentive to develop their own courses.
  • There will be more opportunity for information-sharing among the regions, developing courses based on the best ideas from different regions.

In addition, regions will now receive the licensing fees and in exchange, they will remit half of their membership revenue to International. For questions contact Erin Zimmermann at Erin[at] or Gail Madziar at Gail[at]

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