A Message to Our P2 Community

Dear IAP2 USA Members and Community,

We can’t talk about public input into public decisions without talking about tragedy of voices being silenced through the violence of racism and systemic biases that breach public trustThe killings of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, George Floyd in Minnesota, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, and violence against so many others due to racism and its legacy have revealed to all there’s much work to be done. Racism and systemic biases are antithetical to all IAP2 USA stands for.

As an organization, we cannot stay silent and simply hope for a more equitable future. In this moment, we are affirming in a loud, unified, and clear voice that we stand with our black community to commit ourselves to hear and act on the call that there is significant work yet to be done. Diversity is our strength as a country and in our work, it creates stronger smarter decisions that put us in a better position for our collective challenges, now and into the future.

We are also taking specific actions to build an inclusive, equitable culture, not just within IAP2 but also within the various institutions and organizations that employ our members and support our communities. Current examples of this work include:

  • helping our Ambassadors share strategies, information, books and resources with community engagement professionals and the communities we both serve
  • proposing sessions at the upcoming conference of city managers about how our pillars can support facilitating crucial input to end practices that result in racially motivated actions and practices
  • designing new training on Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and
  • continuing to align our partnerships so that we can deliver support where it is most needed.

Together just a year ago, we began a journey to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in our organizational culture and thought process. We thank our members for their leadership to catalyze this work. This is a journey that requires the full engagement of our hearts, minds, and voices to transform pains experienced far too long into inclusive solutions.

As we take action, we will share our steps. As you have ideas, we ask that you share them with us. And together, we will make this journey to creating a just and unbiased country together.


IAP2 USA Executive Committee on behalf of IAP2 USA Board of Directors

IAP2 USA Management team and staff


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